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I have usb cables, and AV cables. Can I just splice them somehow to connect VCR to Computer? Answered

I want to convert VHS tapes to DVD's.  There is freeware to use if I can get my signal to computer.  AV / USB cables are expensive.  Is there a way I can splice the usb and AV cables I have to do this?


Hey, im only fifteen but hear me out. now correct me if im wrong but analog is binary data transfer, and digital uses frequencys and so on, but, this is not a problem. Now, i know of some chips that are basically digital to analog (and vice verca) converters. If you were to hook up the video cables to a breadboard where a conveter chip[s] and have the outputs hooked up to a square oscilatator or two along with a temporary binary data bank so the USB doesnt get overridden with data because even though usb ports have 4 nodes, only 2 are data, node A: DATA+, node B: DATA-, along with a Pin Chip and basic Driver to clean up the signal. Using the +5v and GND from the USB should be enough to power a basic breadboard but a couple AA batteries with a resister or two should be more than enough power for the chips and maybe a LED or two. My email is draventrent@live.com, please send me a message ifanything seems to pop out at you.

Hey, im only fourteen but hear me out. You got it the wrong way round, analogue uses frequencys and digital is binary 1s and 0s


USB uses a digital interface to transmit data with 1's and 0's.

RCA AV cables transmit video in one analog format or another (ie ntsc)...these signals are NOT readable by a usb port. :(

You can get whats called a Video Capture Card/Device that plugs into usb and allows encoding your video to files on the computer.  They aren't even that expensive these days.  Less expensive ones rely on the computer CPU to do all the work while more expensive ones have better encoder chips built in and they do all the gruntwork of converting video to digital.

From there, the video files can be burned to dvd rather easily.

that is a search for 'video capture' on newegg.com  and there are plenty of cheapish solutions for hooking video to a computer.  They can also be used to record tv, video gaming, or just watch tv on the computer.

What if you have digital cable, is it digital AV output??

It will still not be compatible with usb directly 100 times out of 100.

Digital video signals come in the form of DVI, HDMI, Displayport, and a few others, again - none of these are pin or data compatible with usb.

It's like plugging a german speaking video signal into a french interpreter - yes, they are both using electricity to transmit the data, but its a different language.

I think I will take this way out.  It's the easiest.  If I get the parts I will try Lenonie's gadget above.  Neat stuff there.

I do this, using this device.
My graphics adapter has a composite video-in socket, what inputs does yours have?


(No, you can't splice AV to USB)

Thanks a lot.  This device is terrific.  Neat job.

It's not the box, but what you do with the connections. You see the old SCART adapter in the introduction, that's just a way of splicing audio L/R into your computer's line-in. If you've got a video-in on the PC, you should be able to do this.