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I haz a sad - Gorilla competiton Answered

So I saw the Gorilla competition and it said - make a cardboard construction and enter it in our competition. So I made my construction, and went to enter it, and only then did I see that I was supposed to be making was an instructable. This may be obvious to anyone familiar with the site, but I had not entered a competition on here before, and it does not say anywhere in the rules that a series of photographs and instructions was part of the competition. So I have a very nice cat tower made from carboard tubes (which the kitties love), but only a final photograph. Sigh. I will know next time, but I think you should say that this is a competition to make an instructable, rather than just a finished object.


Very nice work!

It puts my little paper mache cat tunnel to shame :p
Your little grey & white cat looks a lot like mine, even about the same size.

I would *love* to see how you built this, do you think you could at least do a slide show for us?


9 years ago

What a gorgeous cat tower! Agreed - you should still post a slideshow, or do a bit of deconstruction to show how it was put together. I'm sorry we didn't get enough detail into the contest page. It's the problem of doing it so many times we take things for granted. :-/ Will fix it for future contests, though.

canida, thank you for your comment. I will do something to show how it was made, but not for the competition as I have been away.

I really like your cat tower. It is aesthetically pleasing to look at. :) Thank you for sharing.

If you've already finished the item there are ways to recreate the process. You could show some of the parts and do close-ups of a part of the whole in the order that you made them. If you're good with learning new software, you can redo it in sketchup, although that's probably more than you want to do. For this contest, only Instructables are eligible, not slideshows.

Out of general interest, how did you originally imagine the entries would be submitted to the competition and judged? (I'm sure you could get some more cardboard and illustrate the construction of this, or are these "special" tubes?) L

'Simply create something wonderful using any type of cardboard: corrugated or flat, boxes or tubes. You can use any type of adhesive (from Gorilla or not), fasteners, components, and decorations, but your project must include cardboard as a major element. So show us what cool toys, furniture, tools, decorations, or other amazing things you can make from cardboard. Whether it's fun or functional, we can't wait to see what you'll make!' I read this and assumed that Gorilla glue were looking for a finished project. It doesn't say blah blah blah ... and write an instructable. I know it is probably obvious to you - I am a 'pro' on another site and there are always people who cannot instantly understand how the site works, then members get defensive ... and its all downhill from there. I still don't know whether the competition will be judged on the quality of the product or the quality of the instructable. If I hang about - which I intend to do - no doubt I will eventually pick it all up. :)

All I meant was "what were you expectations about entering the competition?". It's just curiosity, to see things from your perspective.
These things get a preliminary round of popularity voting, then the shortlist is judged on (unknown but assumable) criteria, by a panel.


Make a slideshow! This is what slideshows were made for - take lots of pictures and describe generally how you made it and what you might do differently next time. If it won't let you enter the slideshow, do what I did with my showerphones and make an after-the-fact ible showing as much as you can and telling as much as you remember about the construction.

Thanks for your suggestions Lithium Rain, I will do that!

You're welcome, hope you do well and from that picture you have my vote! :)

This being instructables.com, and instructables being the core of the site, it's kind of implicit that contests should involve instructables... However, as Lithium Rain said, you can always save the day with a slideshow. Plus, the deadline is a full month away - surely you can think of something else to enter by then?

Thanks Kiteman, I have just found the bit about slideshows - it does take a while to find your way around a site. And you are right about there being time, I was just a bit miffed that I had finished without taking intermediate photos. And I know it may seem obvious after the fact that competition entries should be instructables, but it really doesn't say.