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I just bought a no-knit loom Answered

The 1st row was put on the No-Knit Loom (TM) by the sales lady. I thought I would remember her instructions until I got home from vacation. The instruction sheet she gave me is just a little confusing as to what to do after first row is on. There are knots in the yarn but no instructions about knots. I am really confused. Has anyone ever tried and mastered this type of loom?


As far as I can tell, the company has stopped making the "EZ No-Knit Loom" packages. Does this say something about the quality of the instructions?

It may be the same company as makes the FlexiLoom. If so, you should contact In The Attic.

If not, you might look up the websites of other manufacturers of knitting boards.

And as Weissensteinburg suggested, try looking for loom knitting on YouTube.

I haven't, but I'm sure there are videos on youtube and maybe even video jug.