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I just bought a vw golf and it cut off going down the road with an oil and battery light. Anyone familiar? Answered

I just bought a 95 vw golf and had a problem going down the road, she cut off and an oil and battery light came on. I replaced the battery and topped off the oil, is there any more I should check? Anyone familiar with this vdub problem?


.  It could be a million things, but, as lemonie pointed out, it's probably not the oil level or the battery. Those lights are coming on normally because the engine is not spinning. If the lights come on before the engine dies, that may be a clue.
.  First thing I would do is look for loose and/or corroded connections on everything electrical, particularly the ignition and fuel injection systems. Judging by your question, I'd suggest finding someone who knows a bit about cars to help you.

Ive found that the oil light does not usually come on straight away when the engine dies as there is some residual pressure. If it does come on at the same time as the battery light, or before the engine cuts out, then it could well be a lube system problem.

. Thanks for the clarification. There is usually a second or three between the engine dieing and the oil light coming on, whereas the alternator/battery light usually comes on (almost) immediately.

"Judging by your question, I'd suggest finding someone who knows a bit about cars to help you." sounds like ure questioning my intelligence, but whatever they were good answers :) i topped off my oil level (it was extremely low) and needed to replace the battery b/c it was the incorrect cold cranking amps, it was half the size as the one needed :P the last owner never mentioned that lol and voila! it has not happened since :D thanks guys

. I wasn't questioning your intelligence, I was questioning your knowledge and experience. Big difference.

Still no answer? I'd go looking for this problem in forums. E.g. this one mentions a few things, but you have to know your problem and your engine (you don't say whether it's petrol or diesel).
(Google "95 vw golf engine cut out")


The oil light may just be telling you that you've low oil-pressure because the oil pump isn't running ('cos you engine stopped). Ditto the battery - your alternator wasn't running.
I think you have a problem elsewhere, but I've got a bust to catch right now...


Was it one of those red double decker busses we see on Dr. Who?

The older VW golf suffer from a clogged internal oil filter - it's in the bottom of the sump on the end of the oil pickup pipe. A pain to get at - that's why they get clogged. I guess it's a garage job to find out the cause of the low oil pressure before the engine expires.