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I just broke my toe. Answered

I had completely forgotten how bad this hurts. I can't even stand at this point and had to call in to work. :( I was just about to go out and ride my bike for a while, too. What a disappointing way to start the day. Now I get to spend the rest of it in varying degrees of pain! Even moving my foot unleashes pain like I have not felt in years. Anyone have any home remedies to recommend? I know when it happened last time I just got my toes taped and that was it. I'm not sure I can even get to the doctor at this point. :P I considered posting a picture of it but that's gross. So here's a picture of Chester. He's obviously reacting to my problem.


i was on the trampoline my friend kicked me 2 balls. i tripped on both of them. my leg really hurts. it has been a week

i broke my toe and it only hurts when you try to move it.

How did you actually break it?

I walked right into the corner of the box spring. It just sort of crunched. I was walking with purpose because I was getting ready to go exercise. I'm still scared of the end of the bed. :P

Ouch, sounds painful! I'm either very lucky or I just have strong bones, because I've never broken any. Yet. ;) However, I started freerunning about a year and a half ago, so it's probably a matter of time! :S

Oh My Gosh! My cousins cat looks just like that and his name is Chester!

Chester is a great name. I named my stuffed cat that looks a lot like yours Chester.

you named your stuffed animal? ..... ...... good, so I'm not the only one.

I have a stuffed dog pillow thing named spot. actually, he has a collar with a tag, but still.

when i break a finger or toe i just break out electrical tape.

breaking anything that belongs to the property of your body hurts so much, haha, I've broke an arm, my elbow, and the left leg, the leg hurts the most to me..... really bad injuries, and i got my friend Johnnie Walker, we got to invite him too.

My friend Jack Daniels knows how to deal with problems like this.

Maybe we can all get together with my buddy Sam Adams and have a party =P

Don't forget to invite Betty Crocker and Aunt Jemima. Never party on an empty stomach.

Last time I broke my toe, I had too much fun playing with it. It would remove itself from the socket, and I would pull it out until I couldn't stand it anymore, and then let it fall back into place. Later on, when it had finally started to set, I got it wrapped up in a sheet while I was asleep. I moved a certain way, and it dislocated itself, undoing all that had been done before. After that, when it had finally started to set again, I played with it. Undoing all that had been done before. Now it has healed into a really stiff toe that doesn't want to bend at all. It does still pop out of the socket though. So the lesson here is not to play with a broken toe (or get it caught in bed sheets). Oh, and sorry about the broken toe. Just tape it together. They really don't do much at the doctor about toes (I've broken mine quite a few times).

I see where it has already started to heal. That's good to hear.


10 years ago

Ice that sh!t, it will take some swelling down, and hopefully numb it a bit. Or put some Oral-Gel on it, its like soothing a toothache on your foot. Hope either one of those works...

At this point I'm seriously considering getting Jace to pick me up a crutch. :P And I'm not sure that oragel will do anything. The pain is really severe.

Oddly enough, that actually made it hurt worse. I'm just trying to stay off it as much as possible. It is feeling better, but looks-wise, it's much worse.

Depending on how "badly" it is broken, it would feel worse as the "supporting toe" would also move it every time you moved, and may pull the toe to the side a bit. When I "cracked" my little toe, they buddy taped it to the next one over, because it wasn't broken the whole way through. Was it badly broken, or did it heal straight pretty much on it's own ? Broken bones are a bugger...

Well, as long as you don't mind, and there is no extra pain from the "crook" and your shoes fit....but if it fuses in that position and you want to have it straightened later for whatever reasons, the Doc would have to rebreak it *shiver*

Ibuprofen, paracetamol and if you have an antiinflammatory kicking around... Other thing that help is a little toe splint, so it doesn't move when you walk and it not just dislocated? Mine does that twice a day at least...

Im EXTREMELY young and i haven't broken anything! Good thing to, it must hurt a hell of alot. Hope its better by now and you can bo back to work. : )

It's basically healed, or so I like to think. Today the toe got a little angry though... I did probably ride miles worth of riding to get to the bank, and then lots of walking afterwards. It's a little tender. :P

*did probably five miles worth of riding Sorry, late night of Doctor Who hotness and a little bit of beer. :O

Haha, Im thirteen and i wouldnt know how beer tastes and i bet your having fun! :p

It's actually quite awful but I thought I'd try a bit because every else there thought it was tasty. I don't recommend it. :P

You're obviously drinking the wrong stuff.

Budweiser etc are just chemical mush. No flavour, even when it's not served so cold it gives you brain freeze on the first sip.

Drop me a line if you ever get to the UK, I'll find you some real beer to drink.

This was supposed to be really good stuff, though. My friend Nathan is the biggest beer snob. He's describing the delicate and wonderful flavors of this beer to me, and all I taste is... beer.

I mean, better than Budweiser, sure, but still that overwhelming beer taste.

Perhaps I should come to the UK on an epic quest for beer. It would be a good story to tell later, at least. :P

(Glad your toe's nearly better, though)

What did you do? #1 son broke his toe last summer, tripping over a door frame. All they did was tape it to the next toe and tell him not to run too hard on it for six weeks, and to wear proper shoes for support. If it's swollen, ice it (wrap the ice in a cloth to prevent frost-burns), take ibroprufen (works well on swelling and tissue-damage pain), and get your fot up. If it isn't going down tomorrow, yourself down to the doctor for an X-ray. If the swelling does go down, just tape it to the next toe and wear proper shoes (like they told #1 son) - you're young, and will heal quickly. If the swelling goes down, but the pain doesn't ease after a day or two, still take it to the doctor. If you're at all worried, take it to the doctor.

When I went into the bedroom this morning to grab my shoes I ran my left pinky toe right into the boxspring. It wasn't even with the mattress and I wasn't paying attention! It's severely swollen and beginning to bruise, but I have been icing it and resting. It's already hurting a little less. If I can't stand tomorrow, though, I will most likely be calling in again and heading to the doctor. I can only hope this is better in time for me to go back to school. :P

If the icing you are using doesn't work, try switching, changng from a Butter Cream to a Royal can work wonders

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