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I just got a new Boost mobile cell phone...i776w. I can't open the battery door. Can anyone here help me? Thank you!? Answered

I just got a new cell phone from Boost mobile today. It's the i776w. I am having trouble opening the battery door to put in the battery the 1st time. Can anyone here please help me out? I appreciate it a lot. Thanks!


It's not necessarily a RTFM issue. I've found the best way to open the battery door on my Nokia something or other is to just drop it on the floor and it comes right off. If I try manual extraction, per the manual instructions, it usually takes several tries. Some of them are very tight and there is not alot to get a grip on.

Websearch on "i776w phone manual" found online copies of the user's guide. See "installing the battery" on page 11. (Briefly: Press in with thumbs and slide toward top of phone.)