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I just purchased a Sciphone 168 and it refuses to register under my T-Mobile SIM card. All it says is Emergency Calls Answered

I have been on the phone with T-Mobile half the day and they are ready to shoot me just as much as I am ready to shoot myself. (joke) I have already done the whole change my IMEI number thing and that didn't work either. Any suggestions??? Claire


I wonder if it might be a hardware or firmware issue. As long as the phone is an unlocked GSM device, it should immediately recognize the service and make calling available (internet and SMS, on the other hand, are a far different story - getting those to work properly require configuration of the phone, and usually the required information is kept a well-guarded trade secret by cell carriers). Try flashing the firmware if possible (check the manufacturer's website for specifics) and if this doesn't work or is unavailable, exchange it.

Contact whoever sold you the phone, and/or the manufacturer? (You did install the SIM card right way around, right?)