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I just want to clarify some things...... Answered

ok. since the whole 'ibles community hates me, I want you to get to know me better so i can get some peace. 1. ok, I admit I wasn't being myself all the way. I was trying to act cool, but It turns out I was acting tyrannical. 2. I made some rather inflammatory 'ibles and topics but with no intention. I am not deleting the 'ible because I believe that it can teach people something and i dont want to waste hard work (if this starts a controversy, it will be deleted) 3. I just realized it's not just about 'ibles, its about communication with other members


*Sigh* I know you left already, but in case you do come back, here's some tips:
1. Your Will a cool guy do this? replies you always say when offended:
That's what makes you annoying. you can't accept the fact that there ARE guys cooler than you, or at least for them to think you're lame. If you don't like it, Ignore it! Simple!

2.Your 'self-centered' attitude
Stop that. No one likes a selfish jerk.

3. Your constant apologies
Maybe, you think this is a good way for the community to understand you're sorry, but for some of us ( at least for me ) It just looks like that you want us to give you pity and therefore treats you like you're special. well you're not. ( not yet anyways ) so stop that. just make one apology, and don't do it again. there! problem solved!

Follow these advice, and you'll be fine.

I don't hate you. I think you're cool.

try tell that to skate 6566

Don't try to be friends with everyone

Lol!! It's funny that YOU should say that because.... I'm breaking up... *khrttt* chatroom *khrttt* lamez *khrttt* lol *khrttt*

Nah... I think he's had enough of seeing your name LOL



Nope. No space to call my own. I hate myspace.



Yes. Meh. Do you not have a myspace, either?

Weeeel, the chatroom guys made me make a KK one......so.......meh....heh.....you know.......yeah......

Yo skatermaternatorgatorhater, got a facebook?


But seriously, coolz. Zachninme can do that.

well, passwords can be changed and my crack the password 'ible won't work online and did he hack yours, or anyone else's?

just know this, he was brought to Instructables to intern, and actually helped ewilhelm get some data. He knows how this site works. He can do that.

But really, combine all these topics! Stop making a new topic everytime you feel sorry!

no, no these topics aren't related. this one is for people to know the the truth. the other one was to apologize. and I will know if he hacks in my account. I will get a backup account and he won't know which one it is until I tell him off

Listen, coolz. Its their website. They can do whatever the heck they want to your info. WHATEVER THEY WANT. As for the backup account, he will know. They can tell by the IP addresses you sign up with.

Well, I'm sure coolz doesn't know what type of IP address he has.

I spelt it like i did because i thought it was cooler that way

No, with a z it looks like a 3 year old spelled it. Wait, I take that back, a 3 year old knows that cools is spelled with an s

a 3 year old doesn't know how to use the computer though. and there's this oter member called "cool!" and I wanted to not make people confuse us and plus this is the only name I could think of that doesn't have more than one word or random letters

You don't need to know how to use a computer to know how to spell.

you know this reminds me of an old skool song I heard

...cuz I pulled out my paper and pen and wrote: fu** the president cuz he's a cocaine uzuh...

What in the...? Is that rap? I hate rap.

That's not rap, its crap. *laughing emoticon* I like any and all music. Except country. God, I hate country. (No, I wasn't calling you god.)

yeah, but old skool rap too

Yeah! Everybody knows that!


I have 2 different computers, you know

Wow, I bet you have logged into this account on both of them at least once. Therefore you gave out your IP addresses which are to be kept in a log.

no, no these topics aren't related. this one is for people to know the the truth. the other one was to apologize.

You can do all that in one single Topic!!!!

Chill out, I think his intentions are good. Coolz, perhaps you could keep this in mind in the future...

It's their site, they can do whatever they want.

Aw come on, you're ascribing way too much power to that zachinme fellow. There's no way he can do that.

Patrik is a doody head!


Quit abusing your powers zach!

Zachninme is awesome!


Reply 10 years ago

thanks for your advice ill keep it in mind

I joined just to look and comment to. Take a look at my first comments; it took a while before I realized comments here were different from comments on a Youtube video. Now that it's been about a year, I like to see how my Instructables have evolved from first to current.