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I learned a new skill, but... (PDF) Answered

Thanks to a small nag from gmjhowe, I now know how to create a pdf file of documents I create in CorelDraw. Dead easy, publish to pdf.

But, there doesn't seem to be an equivalent function in Word.

Have I just missed something stupidly obvious, or do I need to acquire some software to do it?

My first PDFed 'ible.



well looks like i got here too late, on a side note, if you install adobe acrobat it should allow you to chose 'adobe pdf' as a printer, and then you print the pdf.

on mac os x, there is a print to pdf feature built into the OS, mwhahahaha!

Linux, too. ahahahahwm!

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Sorry for being off-topic

Slightly tangental yet completely awesome: If you played around with the images & sizing, see if you can get the diagrams to come out correctly sized in the instrctables' PDF.

Word has no way of doing it natively, you need software like TUA or Nacho say. I use PrimoPDF.

I think the pdf format from Adobe was proprietary and Microsoft was once in battle for the reigning document format. You need a separate utility or add-on to get a Word document to convert to pdf format.