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I like this girl in my school but i don;t know how to ask her Please help? Answered

She is my friend and She is realy nice tome But I am very shy.


Similar questions have been asked here many times.

If you browse the Q&A section, or search for "girls" or "boys", you will find a lot of good advice.

I am fairly shy as well - Always have been. Mostly it's the fear of rejection BUT lets try to guess what the worst is that can happen.

You Ask if she would like to do something with you - She may say:

No - nice straight forward answer - If you feel bold you might ask why and try to change her mind.

Yes - No problems there

I no longer wish to be your friend - unlikely or she would have said this already. However it remains a possibility you may have to live with and move on - Worth the risk.

Give it a go - work out where to go - somewhere she might like and ask in a nice simple way - then you won't get tongue tied or confused.

If she is your friend then you should be able to talk to her. If you don't talk to her much then start talking to her more and see where things go. If you can't be comfortable talking to here then trying to progress the relationship isn't going to work out for you.