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I like to design and make machines and devices for my verying interests? Is there a site where people share this info? Answered


There are tons of websites about building particular machine prototypes, Such as DIY CNC ect. Those new plastic forming machines, I forget what their called. But I found most of them linked to instructables in one way or another, And thats's actually how I found instructables, Was by following links on DIY sites, Or from member posts on those same sites. But if I was going to choose which site to call my home base for that type of information, Then I would choose instructables, In fact thats actually what I did. And wasnt until later, That i started getting into all sorts of other types of projects, Thanks to some very interesting reading on this site, And some great ideas from the members.

I would suggest using this website right here. Yep, you got it: Instructables!

Uh, well what's wrong with this site? That's basically what we are doing at this very moment.

To find others that are maybe more focused google " diy machine forum" and see what you get.

Adding forum after your main search word usually gets you to an are where people are speaking to each other and exchanging ideas.

Be careful though some of the forums are haunted by some real tools and won't be as nice as they are here.  Just ignore the trolls and plow on.