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I like to use WinRAR for documents? Answered

Today I has been upset, I tried to open my .rar archive, and I coudn't. WinRAR didn't show any errors, message, only nothing.



Best Answer 1 year ago

If I have no idea what to do, then I usually apply powerful solution recover rar data

You may like this one article
- http://www.win-rar.com/faq.html?&L=0

Full guide here:

You can try this:

1) Open the WinRAR application. Click on “File” and then “Open Archive” and
browse to the damaged RAR file.

2) Press “Alt” + “R” on your keyboard. This will bring up the WinRAR repair
dialog screen.

3) Designate an easy-to-find location in the “Folder to put the repaired
archive” box.

4) Check the box that says, “Treat the corrupt archive as RAR.”

5) Press the “OK” button. Once it has finished repairing, a new archive will be
built and placed in the location you designated.


1 year ago

If you're not receiving any error messages it's less likely that the RAR file is corrupted, but I presume you've tried the obvious and tried opening other RAR archives? What do they do?

If problems persist I would uninstall and re-install WinRAR and see that happens or use an alternative software like 'seandogue' suggested or try opening the RAR archives on another computer. Any one of these three actions will bring you closer to the answer.


1 year ago

Since you're unable to open using winrar, try a different utility to access the archive in order to test/validate the file integrity. If it fails there, then you have problems. 7zip will open rar files, and afaik, it's free.


1 year ago

There aren't enough details here for any sort troubleshooting.

I am curious, you're compressing documents you use on a frequent, or even non frequent, basis, and without keeping a backup? If so I'm not sure I see a benefit here. Storage is cheap, the risk or corrupting or losing a file is too great, and the time required to compress and decompress is very inefficient.

There's really only to reasons for compressing files: to transfer them faster and easier, or for backup/long term storage.


1 year ago

So do you get upset easily?