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I live in an area without cable or sky how can i receive satelite programmes? Answered



Where do you live (roughly)?


There are Free To Air (FTA) satellites broadcasting to almost every place on the planet.  In the UK, Australia, & New Zealand, everyone has access to most national broadcast stations via FTA programming.

Try searching on FTA satellite and your country or region and see what you find.  You might not have much choice in terms of programming, but you'll get something!

The days of being able to tap video off the satellites yourself, without paying a subscription fee, are pretty much gone; all the traffic is encrypted now except for a few public-domain channels like NASA Select.. If you aren't willing/able to install something like a DirecTV antenna and decoder box, the best suggestion I have for you is to hope that what you want is available via a webcast somewhere. (Both Hulu and the Internet Archive are pretty good sources for older movies., and Hulu has some fairly recent TV programming.)

That assumes you have high-speed Internet access, of course. Which, if you don't have cable, may not be true. If that doesn't work, then I can suggest is that you ask a friend to videotape the shows you're interested in.

There's no magic. The signal has to get to you somehow. Broadcast, broadband, downlink, or sneakernet are the only options.