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I love to fish but have no money for soft lures. I would like to start making my own. Answered

Can i melt old plastic like milk jugs, old toys, etc? And to color them I read on the internet that someone colored plastic by melting crayons can I do that?? Or can I use food coloring?

Thanks for the help.



Best Answer 6 years ago

The best bait i ever used was just yellow corn from a can. Don't get creamed corn though... just get regular corn. The fish are easily fooled. so you don't need to go to all that work to fool a fish.

Do you mean lures? "Bait" is usually edible, and thus rarely made from plastic.

Yea I mean lures sorry for the misunderstanding

It all depends on what your trying to catch.

Maggots, worms, bread, grain, are all free

I assume you are trying to make artificial baits. I suggest that you just try using real baits such as worms, shrimp etc.