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I made a hack for playing Rock band with a real guitar, but I'm not so happy with the finger contacts... Answered

Here is the video of me playing rock band with a real guitar https://www.instructables.com/id/Play-Rock-band-2-with-a-real-guitar-and-boxing-glo/

I hacked an xbox rock band guitar controller and ran a wire from ground to the strings of the guitar, and then one wire for each of the fingers on my left hand. I made a little tin foil "hat" for each finger, and even though it worked great for controlling the game, I didn't feel like I got enough controll of which string I actually pressed down. For playing the game it is enought to just put the correct fingers on the stings, but what I wanted to do was to actually play along with the tunes in rock band to the best of my abilities, to actually have cool sounds come out of my real guitar.

But what I'm looking for are suggestions on how to make the finger contacts better?


I'd be tempted to do something like what the original guitar synths did and wire the frets, then electrically isolate the strings, using the strings as the contact and the  frets as the source.