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I make knex boats, but all of them are paddle boats.I want to make a Propeller boat but cant make a working one. HELP!? Answered

Please can someone help me make a propeller for my boats! I, ideally, want a just prop system, but dont mind a paddle (padd) and prop system. The motors used have to be one of the following:
A grey, large, two direction two speed (4x AA), x2 max
A blue two direction (2xAA) x2 max
A Spring motor (No Batteries) x2 max.
I also have a gearbox (90 degree Direction change, not speed change). PLEASE HELP!!
I can use all of these motors together if neccisary.



Best Answer 7 years ago

It is a very simple process. Have a rod with the motors running front to back on the ship. Use a chain with red gears to move the power to another rod beneath the waterline. For the propeller have a rod going to the blue sunflower with all sides. Have a small panel pointed up and 90 degrees to the rod ( clipped into the blue thing). Angle the plate 45 degrees to eithe side and use two 90 degree red connecters to make it stay there. Continue all the way round. To get it locked to the rod have an orange connecter sliding on the rod clipped in with tan connecters. Have a green rod and then a 45 degree connecter clipped onto it. Use a white rod to clip it into the blue thing and your done! The ship will only really work if there are 2 props and they are spinning away or towards each other. You will have to reverse the direction of blades for one. :)

whhop, Euphoria is done-i will hope to have some pictures up soon!
if i can find a dirt cheap rc/car, ill have steering to!

jmoore11, water would leak in...and then it would sink...inlesssss...............................

Sorry for the late reply.

You have to use water bottles to keep it afloat.

Take 2 blue snowflakes and put them together.
Then get 2 yellow rods and have then 90 degrees to each other, attach a 2 prong grey connector on each end and connect with a red rod.

Make another one of these and have it mounted forward or behind the first one, then you can fit a water bottle inside.

I usually use 4 500ml water bottles. 1 at each corner. make sure to mount the motors up high so that they don't get wet. :)

If you got a white conecter and put on 4 red rods and put 2-way grey conecter on each and used a purple bendy rod to conect them like a fan and put some greaseproof paper on the propellers might work

Hope it works! 

You could possibly make a fan-type thing

Get a white connector and put 4 grey rod-sized bendy rods around it then cover them with plastic or acrylic or something lightweight.

\Hope this helps.

please show the boat


8 years ago

  Please make a slideshow of your boats.