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I might be getting a new computer, recomendations?: UPDATE iMAC!!!!!!! Answered


Standard 20" 2.6 GHZ processor

I got some dough from a job, and me mum said we can get a new computer (SWEET SPAGHETTI ABOUT FRIGGEN TIME!!).

As I've been using a decade old machine for years (98SE AMD), I'm a weee behind. Got any recomendations on any of the following:

  • OS
  • hardware
  • programs etc...
  • monitors
  • accessories

I'm in the market for a mid range, functional, student computer that I can soup up with memory and good graphics. I won't be doing very much gaming, but I'd like to know I at least have a machine capable of handling most stuff.

I've been a looking about, how good is an iMac? Turns out the software I need to run is Apple compatible, I'm really starting to like the look of the iMac... Until it comes to the price...



10 years ago

get a mac. vista sucks, linux sucks, and it hard to find an xp machine, unless you buy a used computer...

Can't get a mac. some essential software I have won't run on it.

download a hackintosh ,split the harddrive in two then install hackedwindows on it

then buy a copy of windows, and use boot camp

I'm a trying to go CHEAP

If your on a tight budget you can use ubuntu. if you run Wine It'll run almost any windows program without tweaking.The only program that i use that wine doesn't like is itunes, it doesn't seem to recognize my ipod, o well thats what I have a Media Station in the Basement for!

I'm with coolz. If you can afford a Mac, boot camp (which lets you boot XP) is a good option.

what do u think the new osx practically is!???

ya i could build u one...and its easy to find xp coolz

I'd build a desktop and install linux or get a Macbook, or maybe a mac mini (considering getting one for a carputer) Don't ask me if you want a windows machine

What about an iMac? I'm in for something bigger than a Mac Mini

For what you can get an iMac for, you can likely get an equivelent PC for a similar or less than amount.

build your own!

This Instructable has a list of computer parts, i would build it, but i don't have money,
NewEgg also has windoes xp OEM disks with keys!

have fun building!

i would go with a nice motherboard that has a 1 or 2 pci express slots,
supports amd athlon X2 AND amd quad core, for easy upgrading
memory? 2-4gb fastest ram (i don't know anymore)
monitor? you decide
use your old keyboard, mouse, speakers
get a big, yet fast hardrive, also install your old hardrive

I definitely agree with alex. I built mine from parts i bought from NewEgg. I would recommend getting an AMD 64x2 processor or something similar. An Nvidea video card around 8500GT sounds like it would be more than enough for you. Look at MSI motherboards.

Contrary to popular belief, Vista isn't that bad if you buy the right equipment for it. The original problem was that the hardware Vista was supplied on couldn't run it very well, but since I installed it on one of my spare computers, it's had no trouble.

Really? How much memory etc, would you recommend?

Couple of gig memory, 500gig HD, 256mb minimum nvidia graphics. Something along those lines, along with dual core.


10 years ago

Build it. I personally would get XP, as I've had it for a while now and it works. Get an LCD monitor; they're coming down in price steadily.

There seems to be a shortage of XP since they discontinued it. Me mum won't let me build it. She thinks we need something built by people who get paid to do it.

I'd bet 50 to 1 you'd do a better job building one, and I don't know you. But alas, I can't help you further as we only have had built computers that run on XP for as long as I remember.

Yah but she won't let me build it :(

Get free parts from garage sales, dumpster diving, etc and build it that way. She can't say no when there's an investment of $0.

Or, maybe like $200, if you go for slightly higher-quality pieces of crap left on the side of the road ;-) But in all seriousness, its not really that hard. Its just plugging in cables back-and-forth... a few screws. Its nearly impossible to do incorrectly...

So a Dell Data Vault backup autoloader is crap ?? Windows XP COA's are Crap ?? 1.8 Ghz intels with 512 meg and XP and office 03 is Crap ?? Dumpster dive, Actually just goto a electronics recyclers in your area, if you talk to them and don't toss the piles most of it is free for the taking .....

...calm down! I'm not saying that there's not good stuff out there, but by going to yardsales you might get nicer things.

Just bugging my whole setup right now is built from forgotten treasures At the recycle centers you get businesses who are updating computers all the time and I've found they are more apt to tossing out items, When compared to most home owners... ( items like Color laser printer, fiber optic network media converters, 100 base switches and routers, UPS's, COA's, and I know this makes those network enginners cringe but they are a great source of CAT 5e cables, I have yet to have one fail that I have redone the ends on...) (I just found a Samsung CLP-500 and the only thing wrong with it was the USB plug in was damaged, I'm guessing some one tripped over the cord, but the LPT plug still works great and it was free complete with toners I migt even solder the USB plug back on one day )) And most home users don't buy items like that, it's always a Lexmark Z-22 with no ink and broken door for $20 (( Were they even $20 when they where new in the box with Ink and cables ?? )) Maybe the garage sales around me suck .... Or maybe people at them are selling there junk for to much.....

I know that! The high council, however, does not approve of this plan.

And RocketScientest2015 I know your set on buying one or your parents are, but if you have some spare time and want to learn a new skill you can build a computer, even a older one from junk parts you can get for free, running linux, it's free to, and then you can show your parents, and say SEE IT WORKS ... And whats the worst that can happen a poof of smoke ?? in that case you just take it back to the recyclers and get a new offending part from an old PC..

Personally, I'd recommend a laptop. Most desktops come with a bunch of hardware that you don't really need unless you're gaming or storing & viewing media. And, besides, laptops can go anywhere.

I can't believe I'm saying this... But I'd recommend Dell. My grandma just got one with Vista on it and it was a load of crap, but I put XP on and re-installed some drivers, and it is awesome.

OS-wise, I'd recommend dual-booting your favorite flavor of Linux with Windows XP (you probably know someone who has a CD lying around).

Ugh not a lappy... I'm after a powerful desktop, thanks for the input!

I'm after a powerful desktop

If you're not into gaming, what will you be using it for? Playing movies & music?

Well... The reason I'm not into proper gaming is erm, cuz I haven't had a machine capable. I'd also like to try my hand at amateur film making.

dual boot a linux flavor and windows XP, and i know how you feel, 98 on my laptop ALWAYS used to crash, bsod and whatnot. Hyundai 19" monitor, emachine, compaq, NOT DELL! ANYTHING BUT DELL! try a dual core, see how that is and let me know.

If you're looking for standard and compatible, go for XP. Other than that, get whatever you can. I highly recommend a computer that can support dual monitors. Wait for Nacho to reply, he does a lot of computer work, and can definitely give some insight into what you need.


While I defend it in the debate, I was dissapointed with it.

Programwise, just download freebies off the net. There's a free program out there for literally anything I have ever wanted to buy something for.