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I mistakenly put the gasoline i used for my weed wacker (Gas and oil) in my mower and it doesnt run very good now. Answered

I have changed the spark plug a couple times and it is pretty dirty with carbon. I even tried carbuerator cleaner . It has no gas filter


As everyone else said, drain it, replace with fresh gas, and burn it off by running...a little oil won't kill the motor, unless you stubbornly ran thru a whole tank before writing your question. (and even then...)

You put 2-stroke pre-mix in a 4-stroke engine? Drain the tank, if practical remove the carb and empty the float-chamber. Clean the plug (or replace if that's easier?) Fill with fresh fuel and try it again. L

If its coked really badly, I'd take the head off and clean the piston crown and head. Steve

Sensible idea, but even taking the carb' off can be a bit of a task if you're not an engineer. L

It shouldn't permanently damage your engine. Just drain the tank, and change the filter as others said. It won't kill anything to put two stroke gas in a four stroke, but to put four stroke gas in a two stroke will really damage the engine.


9 years ago

You might even get away with simply draining the tank, putting fresh fuel in and starting up the mower... it'll huff, puff, smoke and clear up within a minute or two while it burns the mix-gas that made it to the carb. If that doesn't work, then as lemonie said you'll have to also drain and clean the carb and clean the sparkplug. Pat