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I need 9V DC what happens if I USB it? Answered

I'm making a compact speaker enclosure that will fit in a laptop bag I've got everything together and looking sweet. making this because my ACER laptop has crappy sound and I want to be able to hear things on it when I travel. I have sick speakers at home but there very not portable. problem right now is power is supplied by a 9V DC adapter I really hav no mre room to make any other type of circuit or battery pack........its pretty tight. what happens if I just cut the adapter and put a USB end on it? I realize it will only provide 5 Volts but will it work?......... maybe just reduced power? will any damage result? I know only a little about voltage and most of my electrical experience is through trial and error. (not recomended, I've zapped myself more then a couple of times) Ideas?


I'm willing to just try it......but I don't wanna fry my USB port......if someone can atlest tell me my comp will be safe I'll just try it

I'm pretty sure it won't fry your USB port, but don't hold my word against it. But I can point you in the right direction: The walwart should have a sticker or engraving saying the input and output. The output should be 9 volts, you have to tell me the mA, it will probably be around 300-400, but the highest it'll ever be will be 1000mA. If the mA is less than 500 you can plug it into a high power USB port (don't blame me if anything bad happens though) A different aproach is to use a AC to USB adapter, have it rated around 500 or 600 mA and see if it works.

it says: Class 2 power supply Description: AC-8 Model No: blah blah INPUT: 120VAC 60Hz 21.6VA OUTPUT: 9VDC 700mA