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I need HOW TO make a table top die cutting machine like ACCU CUT Grand Mark. I have a woodshop and aluminum experience. Answered

I want to make a die cutting machine so my wife can cut marine vinyl shapes that she uses on costumes. The tray should accomodate dies 12 x16". I am trying to make something like the AccuCut GrandMark die cutting machine. Manual crank table top. Thanks for you help. 


I'm arriving to this conversation a little late but thought I would check in as I interested in using Sizzix and Accuquilt brand dies but can't invest (either the $$$ or storage space) in the machine.

I've been looking at press screw hardware online. Perhaps this might be the way to go (Steve also suggested a table press instead of roll-type press)?

If anyone has super simple plans for rigging up a frame to hold 1 or 2 press screws that would be awesome! I have zero carpentry experience, but lots of "Ikea-assembly" experience :):):)


lee valley press screw.jpg

Laser cuts vinyl Ok (assuming reasonable fume extraction.)

Screw press would possibly work - or as Steve suggests a car jack to apply pressure. making the cutters will be the biggest problem to get a clean even cut.

There's a guy that turned a scissor jack into a one tonne position servo - evilmadscientist.com ? That might do it.

The tooling is usually surprisingly primitive from what I've seen.


Do you want to actually use dies (shaped knives), which would be fast... or do you just want to cut shapes?

If the latter, the more flexible but slower solution would be to base it on one of the CNC-router mechanisms described in several instructables, but with a "drag knife" as its head. (Laser might also work, but the fumes might be intolerable...)

Looks to me you need to look at the design carefully. There is a table, geared to the handle and the pressure roller. Try and work out the gearing, and work from there.

Its a nice piece of kit, but it strikes me as not very practical as a DIY job, without a lot of work - sorting out the gear alignments etc will be very difficult.

I'd look at more of a table press, that you could make with a car jack in a welded steel frame. The tooling for the dies would be identical.