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I need OP-AMPS Answered

I am having a hard time obtaining old op-amps (max420cpa, ltc1150, etc). Maxim/Newark/(ebay -only seldom) no longer carry them. Where can I get them at a  REASONABLE  price? Thank You. Ed.


Are you looking specifically for chopper stabilised amps then Ed ?

They ARE rare beasties these days - Maxim for one doesn't do ANY anymore.

Looking at modern amps, you barely need to use chopper mode anymore.


Right now I'm looking for two max420cpa specifically.

Is there any reason you can't use any of the 741 type op amps? For example the LM741 from National Semiconductor is usually readily available and incredibly cheap. 

fwiw, 741s are only suitable for the most primitive of circuits.

There are far better general purpose amps available these days.

I am trying to repair an old seismic preamp (a circuit- designed by Andy Loomis - on the infiltec site). It uses a max420cpa and the recommended replacement for it has a different pin configuration.

I used to use the 420, I MIGHT still have some stock. If all else fails Ed, make a transition board up.


According to DigiKey, the "max420cpa" is an obsolete item (presumably no longer manufactured); you need to call them for pricing.  They do have a variety of LTC-1150 submodels available.  Check the list for the particular item you have in mind.  Good luck!

Look a little closer, and they are all "non-stock" with MOQs between 2500 and 900 pieces !!!