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I need a cheap fast growing pot plant for science experiment? Answered

Hi everyone. Recently I have got a school assignment for the holidays that requires to make changes to a organisms environment, and make observations and write a report about what affect the changes have on the organism. I have decided to see how dayley water amounts affect a plant species. I am planning on setting up a planter box, with many divisions. I will then give plants more water than others, form dry to completely saturated. I will be measuring the plants heights dayley, and also be comparing the root systems of them after the experiment has completed. The aim is to see how the plants adapt and find the optimum water content.

I need to decide on a common, available, cheap plant, that will grow fast enough that I will get some decent results over the 2 week holidays. Any ideas?



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I also did a similar project when I was younger but I used a lima bean an usually you can use a lima bean from a can of them but they must be in water or you could get a dry lima bean which doesn't always work the best. When you get the lima ben put it in a wet paper towel and then put it in a plastic bag. Put the bag in a place that is dark all the time. It should start growing in a few days.

Thanks everyone. I decided to use peas, because grass and other species are difficult to control other variables, such as over population. Also, radishes are out of season, I needed something to grow in winter. I have just had some sprouting, which is enough for me to write a report on. I have also found some results online that I can use to compare to my results. I still have 2 weeks untill the due date, so for far I'm on track. Thanks everyone for the great help.

Any sort of grass plant(lemon grass can be used for cooking!) spider plants grow like crazy. Beans/peas are also very fast. Ginger can sometimes sprout pretty fast.


4 years ago

tomato's also grow pretty fast, and you can use a single seed from any tomato in your fridge! :D

mendel used pea a 2 week holiday does not warent a lot of growth of anything besides grasses

The fastest growing plant on earth is bamboo. It can grow up to 1 meter a day in some species.

Get hold of some duckweed* and grow batches it in water with different amounts of minerals or salt in it.

The plants are small enough that you could grow 20 in a glass of water, and use daily photographs to monitor their health and growth (if any).



4 years ago

I would recommend one of the varieties of beans. Blue Lake and Wax beans usually germinate within a week and are fast growing plants. Additionally, bean plkants are easier to measure and record their growth rate by length/height and leaf count rather than trying measure volume/diameter as you would need to do with leafy plants such as lettuce or parsley.

What about sunflowers?

I think most kinds of vegetable plants would be good like tomato, cucumber or zuchini.

Wheatgrass, start a handfull from seed and then partition them once they all reach 1cm height, use 10 seeds per partition to average the results for that area.

ie if you only have one and it dies, its going to ruin that particular watering aspect of the overall experiment.

Im sorry I cant help any but for a second there I thought you were asking where to get marijuana plants!! Although a cactus might be perfect for what you want??