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I need a design for a 3 tiered garden water fountain that is solar powered Answered

I have many animals and birds that visit my garden and I would like to provide them with fresh water.  However since there are many raccoons I would like the water to tumble into a larger container at the bottom which they will inevitably make too dirty for the other animals to use.  I am trying to figure out a way to have the whole thing solar powered since I fgure they won't need it on rainy days and ideally able to recycle some of the water - not the stuff the raccoons have used.


Stack 3 or 4 teracotta trays each larger than the one above so that the overflow drains to the next one.

Put a pickup tube in the tray where you want to drain the water from and connect that tube to a small 6 v. pump.  Connect a 6 v. solar panel to the pump and mount the panel where the sun will hit it.

If the water is more than 1" or so deep most birds won't use it.  You'll have to replace water lost and that may be enough to keep the water clean.