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I need a fast design for a pinewood derby car. Answered

The rules are the standard Awana Grand Prix Rules (ie. Same axles, wood, wheels,  no washers, springs, or ball bearings. Must be at a max. of 7 inches long, max. of 3 inches high, and 2 wide. Must be 3/8 in. off the track for the lane strip). I need a fast design that qualifies for all these rules. It should be a previously winning design, or a car that finished in 1st place.


I have a friend at work who worked at a major military airplane factory and he told me about what he did for his son. When he mentioned the derby to some engineer buddys they dropped everything to CAD and make the fastest car ever. After CNC cutting on multimillion dollar machines, high tec airplane paint, top of the line military lubricants, and complete aerodynamic body design with wieght distribution. After three days of a build and testing in shop the race happened in which the winner was a kid that had used a pocket knife and can of spray paint in probably under two hours before the race. Long story short it's more important to have fun in the build than to outsource to a bunch of old guys that like to overengineer, cause you just might win anyway.

Car design has limited effect - it is all friction abatement and weight placement.

Once you've got those two licked, body style is next.

Honestly, I don't think the shape of the car actually matters that much. I've seen a car that was just the raw block painted gold that did very well. Personally, making sure that you have EXACTLY the maximum amount of weight allowed and (more importantly, in my opinion) making sure you've lubricated the wheels very well are more important. Another thing you can do is sand and polish the wheels until they shine. Hope this helps!

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I know, people should make better instructables, that are not showing off what they did, but how to make a great derby car.

the key is back weight and weight on the bottom