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I need a good airsoft primary, preferably automatic. Answered

I have a few airsoft guns, a Swiss Arms sniper rifle that fires at 435 FPS, a crappy Crosman Pulse R70 that fires at around 115 FPS, and has a fried battery, and a UK Arms M4 carbine M- series that fires at 350 FPS, and I'm looking for another AEG with a good range, has good size for close quarters combat, fires at at least 350 FPS, and is in the price range of 100 to 150 dollars 


You can get a JG/Galaxy MP5K for about $120. Shoots 340-350 FPS. I have this gun and it has served me well.

i've been looking for a mp5k, but i cant find a reliable website that has them in stock

the aftermath KIRINEX it is 380 fps mostly metal and has a 300 round hicap mag for about $125-$250 BIG five on sale for $150 internet $150 good luck