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I need a good auto loading knex gun with a good mag. I'm hoping that it also doesn't use a ton of parts. Help? Answered

i'm thinking of building the el diablo assault pistol or the tds2. Thanks.


i will post 1 for each ammunition type,
Green/Black Rods:
compact, comfy, looks cool, accurate
Grey Clips:
looks awesome, high capacity, accurate
White Rods:
self explanitory
Orange Connector:
Blue Rod:
folding stock, compact, looks cool
Yellow Rod:
high range, power, accuracy
Red Rod:
looks cool, large, high capacity, accurate, strong
Grey/Orange/Blue Rod:
range, power, accuracy, size, strength
range, power, accuracy, capacity

well, these are all of my favorites, i have built them all and they are the best of the best (in my opinion.)


8 years ago

UMP-45. It's got a good mag, I wouldn't say it uses a ton of parts, but a fair amount.

I would say the best gun that meets what you are looking for is the oodassault pistol. Though it doesn't have much of a magazine, it has removable clips, is completely reliable, and has very good range and accuracy. Personally, its my favorite pistol on here.

Try the bzar. Its made by Big Z.

I’m not sure about the el Diablo but the tds2 only shot 15-20 feet I would go with the NB-4

check the glock-38 by big-z, it holds 8 and shoots as he said but i got 50 feet somehow,around 90+ pieces, but if you want something small and tiny ask oompa-loompa for his okp that he deleted or if he doesnt, ask me

Check out my BZAR too. It has a removable speed-loading mag. That way you can just clip in a new mag, and if you do have to re-load one, you dont have to take out the pusher or bands to load it, just slide in more ammo.

well if you havent found 1 yet the oodammo usp.45 is a total beast it is somwhat accurate but it shoots like 40ft and thats good range for a pistol

hehe thats takes like no parts if anyone couldnt build that there hopeless lol