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I need a good heat sensor. Anything like transistor that increases the current when heated. which is good for that? Answered

some thing that can conduct more electricity when temperature is increased.. or some thing that can close the circtuit when temperature increases.

thanx in advance.



6 years ago

I prefer the LM335, it is 10mV/deg kelvin, but that means you can power it with anything over 3V quite nicely. You only need a couple of resistors.

If you're willing to pay more (say 5$ instead of 1), you can get I2C ones in the same package that do the conversion to digital internally.

There are thermistors, whose resistance changes quite strongly with temperature.

You can get somethink like the LM35, which outputs around 10mV/ deg C AFAIR.

If you want a switching action, there are special thermistors, with a switching action, but they are only for one temperature - 55 C from memory.