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I need a good material to level the bottom of a bottle. Answered

I'm using old beer bottles to make lanterns. The main problem I encounter is that the bottom of the bottles are kind of domed. When I put the tealight candles in them, they want to slide to one side and sit at an angle. I thought about hot glue, but I was hoping for something less susceptible to heat and a little more classy. Any suggestions?



JB Weld a metal tealight cup to the point of the dome. I think you can maybe even get nifty copper pipe caps that are the right size. Draw a decorative design on the copper with paint pen, etch in ferric chloride, and voila! Super classy beer bottle lantern.

.  For temporary use, I'd go with plain, washed sand - natural or colored.
.  For something more permanent, I like both Burf's PoP and steveastrouk's sand & wax. The wax would be more likely to stick to the glass and alleviate jeff-o's concern (but it's probably not a big deal).


8 years ago

Pour a layer of thinly mixed plaster of Paris to just above the dome, agitate it gently and the plaster will self level. Let it cure and you have a nice flat bottom inside.
A little trick: you can add a bit of water color paint to the plaster mix. if you want something other than white.

Would the plaster of paris stick to the glass?  Just wondering - I've never used it before, myself.

I was going to suggest casting resin, but I don't know if it's suitably non-flammable.

It will stick well enough if the glass is clean when poured. It may come loose if you rap the open end against a hard surface, but since it is molded to fit, you can just drop it back in. I don't see a real need for a hard bond to the glass in this situation and if fact, it could make cleaning easier.

How about sand mixed with wax, and poured in ?