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I need a help on fixing the OBD II codes P0452 and P0410 for a 2001 s10 4wd blazer 4 door? Answered

I was told that the vacuum lines could have a problem with this if they are cracked or there is a leak 



6 years ago

to find a vacuum leak you can also use propane or simular gas. let it out where u think the leak is and it will suck the gas into the engine if there is a leak. the idle will change. i know this trick works for leaking carberators, so i assume it will work for other vacuum problems.


7 years ago

If the problem is leaking vacuum lines -- either go around the engine with a piece of tubing as a stethoscope listening for the hiss of air being sucked in, or put a vacuum gauge on the system and try clamping various vacuum lines (or disconnecting them and plugging their connection) until you find the one that makes the vacuum increase.

Once you've found the leak, replace whatever is leaking.