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I need a kale recipe/s Answered

Can any one kind enough point me to some nice green kale related recipes please?
Preferably soup and or side dish related.



Hi there, Janet here. Kale has been in my recipe for quite some time now. I'm a retired chef and you could just imagine the number of recipes I have collected. Family, friends and even return customers where I use to work has shared me recipes which they have asked me to cook for them. Anyways, lately, I have managed to search for a software package that would make things a little bit more organized for me than just keeping those recipes in my goof old functional recipe box. You might like to look at the software package program that I recently have which would also help you find other recipes for kale. You won't even expect that there would be other recipes in there that you never expected even expected. Happy Cooking!

Whoa, thanks a bunch. I guess the reason why I didn't find any thing last time was the fact I spelt something wrong. Doesn't help to be in a hurry either.  ;P

Sorry for your trouble.

Just enter "kale recipe" in the search box above and click on Search.  Kale is a veggie that can be used in place of spinach.  Good eats.