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I need a name for a metal/grunge/alt band? Answered

Whenever I write in class, I always have troubles with names. Now my friend and I are starting a band, and I need a name for it.



Best Answer 8 years ago

Actually, we figured our own name out. sorry guys.

We Are


Steaming Pile of Vengeance! SPV!!! SPV!!! SPV!!!

I hope you're still taking suggestions, mine are: ham sabbath, or black sandwich (get it? it's a combo of black sabbath and ham sandwich). I used to have a bunch. If you were a straightedge band, I'd have a ton: straight to hell, straight to video, xthe bering straightx, xedge of your seatx, xpositive inclinex, or if it was more like an emo thing xstraight razorx. I think I'll just start throwing some random names together now. the under cover danny glover vulcanized rubber sound experience, mess, glob(s), alice in trains, rainbow market surprise, kc masterpiece theater (might be violating copyright enfringement laws for two different things at the same time), snorklehaus (with an umlaut over the "u" o course), arty lang and the people that recently tried to commit suicide (but it's a good thing that they didn't because they have a lot to offer the world), the shark tank, the lawn sprinklers, the smell, the world's best band name, mission impossible: our band is named after this movie, celebrity morgue, disco mission space cactus, homebase and the no babysittings, my other penis is a car, my other speedboat is a station wagon, I could easily make a ridulously long list. Hope you dig some of these and if you used one I'd be very flattered. good luck with your musical endeavors brutha.

haha, i don't think my school will let me hold a concert there if our name is head cheese .
made me lmao though.

Unrecognizable noize!
Future dirt.
Toxic shock sindrome!
Cadmium poizoning!
The stick up ur butt!


8 years ago

Toad Pudding

Craniotomy, Ubermenschen, Ultra-fcuk, The depraved, electro-(choose your word)