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I need a new procedure, a new idea on how to get squirrels out of my attic, and how to keep them from coming back? Answered

First let me tell you I have tried Moth Balls, fox urine, ultra sonic sending units, large rat traps. None of these things have gotten rid of the varmints. My research tells me that they , squirrels, have their young in the winter months, and you don't want to wall out a mother when she has young in the house. So I live in New England, and Winter is almost over, I need a true way to get them out and keep them out. HELP HELP HELP


You have to find out how they are getting in your attic first. You may have to wait until the young are able to leave and then when they and the mother are out repair/cover any openings. Use hardware cloth, wire mesh, metal screening, or other such materials. Squirrels are just rats with fluffy tails, they dig and chew through most things. Good luck!

I once put a rubber black snake near my bird feeder to keep squirrels away but it also kept the birds away. You might try that.