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I need a program for a sentry gun Answered

i need a program that is like the one featured on this site http://www.paintballsentry.com/. it will have to run out of a USB port, preferably no driver circuit, (i can use on though) and will use a motor to fire it. 3v motor, will use a webcam, I am running windows vista, any more info, I will be glad to give


Hey, I can help you!

That is basically exactly what my project does - but it's all open-source, and uses an Arduino to control the servo motors.
Check it out here: https://www.instructables.com/id/Autonomous-Paintball-Sentry-Gun/
...And here is my website, including code for the Arduino and Processing https://sites.google.com/site/projectsentrygun/

email me at sentryGun53@gmail.com with questions, i have already helped a lot of people around the world build their own sentry guns, and i will be happy to help you too!

~Bob (sentryGun53 on Youtube)

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if not, just search "sentry gun" and it will show up

sorry, the instructable hasn't been reviewed yet.... link won't work for a day or two.

the website has all the same info, though.

Oops, i hit the wrong button. the question is in the first scentence

I don't really know what you want: have you got all the hardware but no software?


yes, and i can customize it in just about any way. I can build a driver circuit, but i will need some help (i have an arduino if that helps)

what have you got already, and what is the difficulty with it?


i am not a programmer currently, so like i said, no software, but i have a trigger circuit for the gun that will run off of 3-5 volts, i have a rotating mount, an up/down mount (sorry not good with terms), laser (more for looks, but i can use it if needed), and the actual gun.

that site has instructions, are you following them or wanting to do it differently?


i do not want to pay 200 bucks for something i can get alot cheaper and make myself.... i need a program, not hardware instructions

OK, is the hardware exacty the same or would we need to know what you've got?


The hardware is mostly the same. The computer will be controlling three motors. One would be like a servo except without the three wires (only two), and two would be a x,y axis control. i am hoping however to remove the need for a control board. I do not have a serial port like what is on a printer, but one for a monitor, but i do not want to have to have a control/driver board. I have an Arduino Uno if that helps. I have a cat-5 if that would work, and several USB ports that would be able to be used.

Are you asking a question, and if so what is it?