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I need a ratchet mechanism for a 1/4in square spindle. not a clue where to get one. any help? thanks.? Answered

I'm looking to turn a 1/4 in square ended spindle with a shaft which contains a ratchet mechanism. The ratchet mechanism will be contained in a shaft at 90 degrees to the spindle so as to allow a turning of the spindle through a fraction of a revolution before returning to start. The ratchet shaft would be permanently and securely fixed (bolted?) to the spindle and allow a reasonable amount of torque.



9 years ago

How about a 1/4" drive ratchet from a cheap tool kit?

Thank bhow, appreciate your answer. I have a limited knowledge of what tools are available. I've drawn a diagram to clarify. Does the diagram look anything like the tool you're thinking of? Cheers, Phil.


a ratchet set (or socket set) comes in 1/4 3/8 and 1/2 inch sizes - the 1/4 is the smallest and lightest duty. - Yes, they ratchet and with a little lever or twist adjustment you can reverse the direction of travel. Only trouble then is that you need a female>female coupler because the ratchet iself has the male 1/4" square connector. 100kg of torque - at what length? foot pound, kg-meter, etc? Torque is a function of force and radius at a tangent.

Thanks frollard much appreciated for your advice. I've worked out the torque to be 64Nm for 0.75m/100kg/90deg. This 100kg is a nominal figure though. Yes, I see the female>female coupler challenge using the said tool. Was hoping to avoid welding stuff together if possible. You've given me food for thought. Thanks for the image, very kind of you to look that up for me. Phil