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I need a really fast pinewood derby car! Answered

I am entering the pinewood derby and I am looking for fast ideas that could get me a winning car! Thank you!



Best Answer 7 years ago

If you want to win the speed section, it's all about the wheels and weight. First off, finish everything before adding the wheels. When you do add the wheels, don't play/test your car. Make sure they are put in place perfectly straight (it really helps if you can do this the first time). You will also want to somehow lubricated the wheels. When I was young Dad told me to use graphite powder. Twenty years later, you may want to check around and see if there is something better to use through the marvels of better technology. Have some washers and other easily attachable/detachable weights on hand to get your car as close to the limit as possible. Try to center the weight evenly betweeen all of the wheels. There are lots of other things that will effect your car, but if you can nail what I've told you, your car will do fine!

Superglue on the other cars' axles?

If you want to make a simple one than please get the following:

2 axis

two T shaped PVCs

4 PVCs to fit the T shaped PVCs

4 skateboard wheels

and a couple of pinewood plywood peices

Fit the PVCs together to make a H shape with it. Stick the axis in and then hot glue, wood glue, and piping glue the wheels to the axis. Make the box shaped pinewood car and mount it on the PVCs. Test it on a hill and then it may work.