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I need a recipe for a lather less shampoo. Please help :)? Answered

I am in need of a lather less shampoo that I can make myself. I would like to give my family greener products for daily care. The cost of the shampoo's in the beauty supply stores are going up and the products have ingredients I feel we could and would be safer to be without. I have looked up shampoo recipes and they are basically the same, I am in need of a lather less shampoo,so I'm not to certain how the Castile soap will would do for lather less. Has anyone tried it for lather less? if so does it work? Thank you.





6 years ago

As an aside, the function of lather is as an indicator of cleanliness - if you get any lather, then your hair is clean.

You do not need to generate the bucket-loads of lather you see in the adverts to get you hair thoroughly clean.

The best way to do it is to wash your hair with a blob only an inch across in your palm. Wash your hair, you'll probably get no lather, but repeat and you will plenty of lather.

If you have a lot of hair, though, you may need to go to a third blob, but you will find that you use far less shampoo than the adverts try to suggest you use, and you will save a fortune in toiletries without having to make your own.


Answer 6 years ago

Baking soda & vinegar, again. I don't think there's anything baking soda & vinegar can't do...
It's interesting that while the page is against using shampoo, it concludes with how great shampoo is at cleaning things (just like Baking soda & vinegar).



6 years ago

Castile soap is made with olive oil and doesn't have the same lather that you'd get in normal shampoos. Sodium laureth sulfate, or sodium lauryl ether sulfate are detergent/surfactants that are commonly added to many products because of the foaming action those ingredients create. There is also a lot of controversy and concern over those ingredients. So, in order to make a lather less shampoo, you need to decide if you want it in bar form (which is what shampoo was a long time ago), or in a liquid/gel type form. A typical liquid/gel type shampoo can be made with oils (like olive oil, vegetable oil, coconut oil, castor oil), lye, alcohol or apple cider vinegar, water and glycerine. Some may also use baking soda. And since none of these ingredients create lather, you're essentially making a "lather less" shampoo.

I hope that helps. ;-)