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I need a science lab for my summer school class that can be anything i want but i can't think of anything. Any ideas? Answered

Needs to be school appropriate and cant involve flames(i think)



Make a thermometer?

do the classic, baking soda and vinegar some other ideas; -get some silver nirate (i don't remember the formula) and copper wire when copper wire is submerged, the silver will start separating out of the solution and binding to the copper careful tho, silver nitrate stains skin and clothes -you can also demonstrate the conductivity of ionic solutions -get some PH strips and check the ph of common household substances (juice, drain cleaner, toiler bowl cleaner, etc)

You might want to start by deciding what kind of science you're currently interested in learning more about. Biology? Geology? Materials science? Electronics? Chemistry? Ecology? Other? More specific suggestion: Wander into your local library and ask the reference librarian to suggest books of amateur science projects. Reference librarians love a challenge, lots of books do exist, and it'll be a lot easier to pick a project you like after you've seen what others have been doing. Of course you could also search here on Instructables, or elsewhere on the web...