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I need a small wood burning stove for a fish house? Answered


I have one for sale. You can put wood in above the water. Let me know if interested

Being a Minnesotan, I know about fish houses (ice fishing shelters) and stoves for them.
Some of the old timers would make a miniture potbellied stove from a STEEL 5 gallon paint or tar bucket and steel lid. Some hardware and sporting goods stores sell 3" galvanized stove pipe for such stoves. The lid is cut into two unequal parts, one with a hole for the pipe, is permanantly attached to the bucket, the other is hinged as a lift lid for feeding the fire. 
A couple of inches of sand are put in the bottom of the stove to prevent bottom burn out before building the fire.  A couple of bricks should be placed under the stove for insulated feet.

Or You could take an army Ammo box, weld three nuts flat on one side for bolt legs, cut a hole in the other side for the stove pipe, use the lid as the stove door and the top side as a cook top.  A .50 cal ammo box with 12" legs would be a great hunting camp stove.


If you think the other people's questions are strange, ask about 'ice fishing' or 'wood stove' ; )  Aren't regional dialects fun?


8 years ago

for fish? You can't light a fire in water using wood.

Depends on what you mean with "fish house".  A house for smoking fish or a house for fishing on the ice?

There's this that be easily modified for a lot of different purposes where fire and smoke are involved.  Trash cans come in all different sizes.  You can raise it off the ground if you need to.  You can add a blower to it and various vents.  You could use it as a grill.  You could use it as a smoker.  You could use it as a heat source.

More detail please. E.g. is this for air or water heating?