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I need a start-stop button for Windows Media Player Answered

New to the forum so if an inappropriate post i apologize in advance. I am looking for or to build a simple device that will allow me to start and stop windows media player. Right now I have a simple batch file that opens windows media player in the full screen modes and plays a single video in the playlist. When it is finished it runs taskkill and closes. I use a wireless mouse to access the desktop icon that triggers the batch file. I would like to have a device that is plugged in with USB or wireless and has two buttons. One to start the video and one to stop it if I need to end it before it is finished. Ideally they would be big buttons labeled Go and Stop or colored Green and Red. I want children to be able to operate this computer.

Does anyone have a clue if this exists in some form already or if it would be difficult to create?



This instructable shows you how to control the keyboard and mouse from an Arduino.


Leave out the accelerometer, wire to Two Big Buttons, and off you go.

There are many utility programs to "remap" the keyboard or program it to run commands based on the keys pressed or combination of keys pressed. There are many ibles on hacking an old USB keyboard/keypad to use as the switches for triggering the commands. Also, you can use an "easy button" or arcade style button mods. Good luck.

Thanks for the info. I did find a little wireless keyboard/mouse/pointer device from Hawking technologies and used a remap program. It works well but in my instance I am working with very young children and the keyboard is a little complicated when they don't even know there letters yet. I like the idea of teh big "easy button". Found one that open browser to a specific web pages. Ordered it to check it out. Thanks again for responding to my post - nerdoboy