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I need a tiny screen for a pc running Debian with LXDE. Answered

I was thinking around the size of a pip boy screen because thats kinda the idea.
5"-7" would be the best size, and vga input or hdmi as I will likely be using the raspberry pi (http://www.raspberrypi.org/) when it comes out


Same I have orderd mine but need a small screen. Please tell me how you go and where you get yours from.

has a composite out so it can be attached to the raspberry pi.
also buy a 3.5 inch 4 wire touchscreen with usb driver.
then you can even put the raspberry in a pocket of your coat and only have a composite cable and a usb cable comming out of your pocket.
or attach it as a whole but then you will need more space.

I think you're being a LEETLE bit premature here - Raspberry Pi is GOING to be a fantastic idea, but they aren't shipping product yet.

The idea of this thing is it plugs straight into your TV.