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I need a velcro-receptive ("loop") that is adhesive on one side. What do I need to search for on eBay? Answered

Hi everyone.

I need a one side adhesive, velcro-receptive tape.

That is, an adhesive tape that is sticky on one side and on the other it has a felt-like tissue.

English is not my first language and I am not sure about what to search for on eBay or Aliexpress to buy.

I need this for my project but all the tapes I could find have both sides (both hook and loop) and they are much costlier than what I'd expect just for a felt-like one-side adhesive tapes.

Can you help me please?

Thank you,




27 days ago

Those are some excellent, excellent ideas. Thank you so much. I love it :D Will do! Gonna get some spray-on glue as well. Great idea.


27 days ago

You would search for "velcro loop -(hook)".
Problem is that there is little use to just sell one part of the two things required.
So be it pads, belts or whatever - they always come in pairs.
Sometimes you can find the loop stuff sererately but with added glue or adhesive pads it will be next to impossible.

I guess you have the hook part covered by some darts, balls or smilar, so why not use this?
If the actually gripping strenght and ease of use is not that important then you will have materials around that can be misused.
For example on woolen jumpers these hooks get quite sticky, similar story for these scrubbing pads for pots although with far less grip.
If in doubt then take a bit of your hook stuff to the next second hand clothing shop and try it out.
A bit of spray on glue, a little stretch and a roller - you got a loop surface to play with ;)

Think out of the box, don't let your brain be put in one ;)