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I need a way for my dog to climb up to my loft bed from the floor-can't find a long enough dog ramp Answered

How can I turn my Loft Bed wooden ladder into a climbing ramp for my small 19 pound dog to climb up into the loft bed?

I have a nice wooden ladder to the loft bed, but the wooden rungs are about 10" apart -too far for my small dog to climb up that 45 degree angle Any ideas?

OR ideas for a long enough dog ramp/stairs  (I do not see any long enough for sale anywhere that would reach a loft bed ---and not be too steep.)  The longest ones I have seen available seem to reach from the ground to the tailgate or the back of a truck or the like.

 I thought of adding a layer of carpeting to the loft bed ladder, with possibly some kind of strips for my small, agile 19 pound  Mini Eskimo mix dog. She is usually cautiously timid of unstable situations or  obstacles in her way, although she jumps easily from the floor to regular height bed. 

Also, I guess i will need to be able to lift up or off whatever dog climbing material I put on it, so that I can  convert it back to something I can climb up into the loft bed too! Unless I build something (maybe from sturdy shipping boxes covered in carpet (I have plenty of carpeting that I could cover a series of large rectangular somehow strung together and that would be flexible (kind of like a roll-out fire-escape ladder is flexible) the rectangular boxes when sealed are quite strong and light weight, and  that would be light weight enough to flip up or down, but I need help on the engineering part of designing and constructing something from boxes or long pieces of carpeting or or from the human  wooden loft ladder to make it more dog-friendly.  Any ideas, or am I just an unrealistic dreamer?


eeeeeerre, do you have any pics? I’m trying to get my dog up there. He usually sleeps with my daughter- so him not getting up there is bumming both of them.

SO I have a 10lb mutt that I made a ramp system to get on my bed that might work for you!!!

I dont know how much space you have from the bed to the wall but if its not a lot you will have to do a 2 ramps(like i do) so I took a 1inch thick by 10 inch wide board(length depends on the distance to the wall minus how much room your dog need to turn.) I put grip tap like the stuff on skate boards and screwed a few 1x1 (like a ladder but backed by the 10in board) every place a paw of my puppy would go to prevent slipping. It was to steep of an angle to do bed to for with the space from bed to wall so I put up a shelf half the height of my bed on the opposite wall. That way the ramp goes from the ground to the shelf then another goes shelf to the bed (kindof like the parking garage does the turns from levels or a fire escape ladder) the shelf is 20inches wide so that each 10in shelf attaches side by side. I put railing on it but the dog has very little interest in jumping off it. Just out rails on your bed so the dog dont fall off the bed. HOPE THIS HELPED.

Do you by chance have a photo of this? I'm having a terrible time picturing the product you created. I, too, need a SOLID system for my 27lb Beaweenie (1/2 Beagle, 1/2 Dachshund) to get up to my loft bed. Anything you can send is GREATLY appreciated!

Our schnauser fell off our 2ft high bed (and landed on the soft carpet), during the night. It caused her heart to stop and she had seizures. She died a couple weeks later. However, I think if you make it so the dog is safe up there, like -- cant roll over and fall off, I think it would be OK to do.

You're not going to want to hear this but if it were me, I wouldn't put the dog up there. It's high enough so that if the dog jumped down or fell it could get seriously hurt.

Even though she is cautious of precarious things she might still fall or try to jump off.

She's a nice lookin dog anyway.

+2 I would worry about the height. Dogs....like humans, can be dopey after waking up and you (as I would) would probably be horrified to see your dog fall off the top bunk like a pine cone out of a tree. I'm sure there are millions of dogs which happily sleep on the floor, or on a dog bed, or in a dog kennel while the owner sleeps in their bed. This isn't the answer that I would want to hear as I have slept with the ability of family pet being able to sleep on the bed with me.

She looks like a beautiful dog and I hope you figure out what works best for you.

+1 Yep, without some barrier capable of preventing her from jumping or falling off, for a dog of her size, a 6 or 7 foot drop could cause serious injury.

use a slide with carpeting on it for grip.


5 years ago

It would be a mid range complicated build but a small spiral type staircase would work. It would take up less room but it could only be usable by a smaller animal. 4 X 4 post in the center with "stairs" or platforms every 1/4 turn (90 degrees) . How fast they rise would depend on how far the dog is comfortable in going in one step. Make it square on the outside with 4 2 X 4 corners to secure the outer part of the steps. You could cover the outside with something like chicken wire if you are concerned about the dog taking shortcuts instead of going the entire spiral.

How good is your dog at jumping? What about some sort of alternating shelves so your dog can jump from one to the other, back and forth up, kind of like this. You could even put little ramps between the levels to make it easier.

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