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I need a way to evaporate methanol quickly. Answered

I'm working on a potato cannon that's using methanol as a propellant. it has a piston that pushes the spent air out and pulls good air in, and it pulls it in a tube that contains a methanol soaked rag. I thought this would be enough to fuel the cannon; however, there isn't enough methanol vapor leaving the tube and entering the combustion chamber. I was wondering if anyone knew of some way I could get more fumes to enter the chamber. I've already tried quilt batting soaked in methanol and cardboard soaked in methanol.


I was thinking about that. I might have to preheat the methanol tube, and after that the brief flame entering the tube (before the oxygen burns out) might keep it warm enough to keep going.

Spray it in with a fine plant sprayer ?

Or one of those handbag-sized squirters you can fill with water to cool your face?

hmm.. I'd need to modify it in such a way that I could use the pressure of the piston to both spray the sprayer and pull in fresh oxygen... it's worth a thought, but I might pursue the heat idea some more.