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I need a wood project that is usefull but easy enough to make in one semester of school? Answered

I am a 14 year old and freshman in high school and need a project that i can make that i can use around the house alot and that i can do in about 2 months. Any sugestions and I need the plans for the sugestion. Thank you


Probably the easiest would be a cutting board; it's the first project that my woods teacher would have students do while i was TA'ing for him. It gets you acquainted with most of the main tools and gluing techniqes, while not consuming tons of time or valuable materials. second would be a chess board. It'd be a bit more complicated but would be equally cool. I have to tell you though my friend; there isn't much that can be made with wood that will be of frequent use around your house, at least not in the time frame you have. Your best bet this semester is to learn as much as you can about materials and techniques so that you can apply them to something really cool later. When I was your age, I built an acoustic guitar. I still use it as my primary instrument.

shelf maybe. your teacher will probably not let you do it because it is too easy.

Make a small table. Use plywood for the top and bottom, and soft wood for the legs. You can even add shelves. I use mine, and it only took a couple of weeks, dragging it out as much as possible. If you're really ambitious, you can make a chess board for the top.

a small step stool. I made one almost 30 years ago in a shop class and it is still in use (we are a family os short people).