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I need an AC Voltage Stabilizer? Answered

I have low voltage at my place which keeps on going even lower at night. I need to create an AC voltage stabilizer to keep the power at the required level (230v 50Hz)?


Can you get one that'll handle 4Kw?


You feed a lead-acid battery off a mains-charger.
Run the battery into at least one inverter.

-But what appliance(s) is this adversely affecting?


I need to power a Microwave.

4 Kw?
No, you mean 400w or why have you got an oven that big?


4000w is what it is. Serves the purpose.

4Kw - wow, erm does it have a decent power supply and what else is on the same circuit?
Where I live you'd want 30Amp cable (240VAC), that may be part of the problem for you.


Create an AC stabilizer? Sorry, (and I don't want to violate the "be nice" comment policy) but if you have to ask how to do it, you definitely should not do it. Main power supply at 230VAC is nothing to play around with for the uninitiated.

Depending on how much power you need an on-line uninterruptible power supply that converts from mains power to DC and back to a stable output AC could be what you want.

But as so often: Need more data.
What do you want to power? Device, power consumption, length of use ...
How much and how does your power fluctuate? Min voltage, max voltage, gray outy, black outs, dropped waves, spikes, ...

What kind of power level ? The CVT based stablisers are also very lossy and get quite hot - stable output=wasted energy.

If its consistently low, your local power utility usually has a DUTY to adjust your supply tapping to make your voltage is in specification.