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I need an air moisture meter and possibly a thermometer in one. Answered

Good day,

I am trying to find a moisture and temperature meter (possibly in one). It will be a used in a beehive. During the winter the bees cluster together to keep warm. Warm air rises up and gets in contact with the cold ceiling. It cools off and releases moisture. The water then starts dripping down and creates a mess of wet bees and mold. Opening the hive during the winter is not recommended till temperatures get back over 40F. Proper ventilation is possible to achieve through the design of the beehive but i would like to know the level of moisture and temperature if i was to just walk next to the beehive. I have seen a few instructibles about moisture meters but they are geared more toward soil moisture. I need it for the air. The system could be powered by a rechargeable battery and a solar panel - i can take care of that myself.




8 days ago

Insulate the hive roof so that the inside doesn't radiate cold to the interior, perhaps a thermal barrier on the outside.


9 days ago

You can still get old school gauges for terrarium use.
No electricity required, just a matching hole to put it in.
Then there is all sorts of cheap "weather stations" with a sender unit for outdoors.
Just place inside and read the results from the indoor unit.
Some wired ones exist too, just check Ebay for starters and you might find what you need quite cheap.