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I need an easy mod for the BuzzBee Double Shot. Any ideas? Answered

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getv a pair of needle nose pliers and grab the thing the darts slide onto in the shells aand twist off i heard it makes the darts flie farther


7 years ago

put some tape around the shells so that they dont fly
out off the gun when re-loading

get a small screwdriver or something, and pick out the air restrictors in the breach of the gun.

I know this is problably a bit too late, but you can reduce the size of the barrels by sawing them off. then, you unscrew everything and take out the pulley system, drill a hole out the back of your gun, and thread the string out of the hole. tie the string to a keyring or somthing. to cock the gun, pull back on the key ring. fireing is the same, but this mod makes reloading faster. also, if you can find springs that fit, replace the stock ones with better ones. it may be hard to find springs though because the DS uses a reverse plunger system (i think)

you could cut the entire back off the shells and take the spring that makes it pop out off then glue the shell in. then you can load faster


8 years ago

you can saw off the barrel and drill the shells

on the shells, u can make the little hole bigger allowing more air through the shell and hit the dart.

An easy mod would be to camo it with paint or camo tape.

No, a actual modification to the workings of the gun. I already spray-painted it!