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I need an iTunes-style database solution for all my videos... Answered


Newby to Instructables, read about it in the newspaper today.  Looking forward to some help/input on this project of mine...

I have a huge (and growing) volume of video media. pushing 5 TB, and I'll be buying another 2 TB drive before autumn.  Now, having all this media at my fingertips on my PC without having to rifle through my DVD library is great, but it's only half the battle.  What I really want to be able to do is search through all my videos and TV episodes with the same ease that I go through my music library in iTunes.

So, what I need is some way to list each video, and list each "tag" that applies to that video (SciFi, TV, comedy, romance, etc., you get the picture).  So, Excel serves well enough for that part, though I'm not married to it as a long-term solution. And, Excel fails completely as a searchable database, where I can just type in, say, "SciFi" and get the database to present me with every single Start Trek, Stargate, B5, etc. TV episode and movie that I own.

So, can anyone suggest a program that would already be able to do this for me? iTunes itself isn't a solution, because although I could  make a plethora of empty MP3 files, import them into iTunes, and assign all the metadata I want to them, there wouldn't be anyway to click on the empty MP3 entry and have the movie/video pop up and play. Also, my videos are either direct DVD rips or mkv files, so I can't import either of those into iTunes either.

Thanks in advance!


You need to search on "movie cataloger" or cataloguer. There are some free ones out there.

Thank-you!! Found 4 promising items right away (Data Crow, iView, Media Catalogue). Now I've got to play around with them and see which one is most intuitive to use, and if any will accept "shortcuts" as legitimate files...


No ideas? ... Anybody?

I've tried Googling this, many times, using the most imaginative phrasings I can think of, and all I get is forum posts at Apple about iTunes database errors and how to repair them, or links to existing databases (like imdb). I'm starting to despair that no other software developer ever designed a searchable media database that utilizes metadata...