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I need an idea of what could be made from two curved glass deli cabinet doors. Answered

Along with a few flat glass shelves, I was given two large curved glass deli cabinet doors as shown in the image below. They still have the aluminum bars attached to the long ends. One the top side that was formerly attached to a hinge mechanism and one being the lower side that formerly held a rubber seal. I only have the doors, as the rest of the cabinet was used for another purpose or recycled by the previous owners.

I'm trying to come up with a project to repurpose them for, but I'm drawing a blank. They are about 4 feet long and 2 feet wide with no cracks.  They appear to be tempered glass and are very heavy.

Here are some ideas:
-  large vertical display cabinets made from wood with the glass doors on the front of them might work by using the short ends as the top and bottom.
- large horizontal display cases made from wood with the glass doors as the top or front and access to the rear.
- Some sort of greenhouse window.
- I eventually would like to build a house out of shipping containers. Incorporating these into the plans as windows would be cool as long as I can figure out how to frame them out to give a good seal. perhaps as a skylight? (Of course, not being double paned, they wouldn't have much of an R-value).
- Something artistic that can utilize the glass panes and be hung on a wall or used as a display.

I have access to a Hackerspace in St. Louis, Missouri with plenty of tools and other raw materials. The pieces are so large that I'd have to work on the project and clean up each day rather than leave the project out. It's a shared space, so I don't want my stuff to be in the way of others.

Any input from the Instructables community would be helpful.



2 years ago

Invert them, cover the ends to make a sort of basin, then install it as a fancy designer sink in your house. Coat them with mylar and use them as thermal reflectors. Somewhere on here on Ible's some guy made some glass speakers, so make some of those with them. Make them vertical doors for a pair of corner cabinets. Hang them from the ceiling combined with lights to make a modern classy light fixture. Plug the ends and make a glass planter box so you can see the roots grow. If you do chemistry they look like they would make a great experimental containment surface.

Mail them to me and I'll make something with them?

Another thought I had was to hang them on a wall with some sort of artwork on the front and LED strips along the long sides to light it up, perhaps at my local hackerspace.

Thanks for all of the out of the box suggestions! Please keep them coming!

big fishtank for a room with no room. Mounted vertically in the corner.

My first thoughts were;

> Interesting porthole on a DIY caravan.

> Part of a vivarium.

>Storage shelf under a glass table (vaguely bowl-like).

cryogenic sleep chamber. Sure, you could go with the economy style.... a plain pine box. But that just Seems soooo _ permanent_ . Better to have a view, and some nice frost around the edges.

Glass bottomed boat. Finish off the ends and sides with aluminum or even steel sheet. Just remember, while boats _can be made of concrete or iron, they may sink in a big hurry. Remember the titanic. Wear a lifevest.