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I need an idea! Answered

i need an idea that hasnt been made yet something challenging please post an idea


i wasnt meaning it in that way but vending machine will be cool if you used a coin for it to work!


10 years ago

For a knex gun: darth acexxacer, i know how you feel, but an inventor needs something to invent. What you need is a gap in the 'market'. You need something which people havent done or an improvement. I have often done so then, after a quick brainstorm thouhgt " BUT THERE IS NOTHING TO MAKE!" But something will come and you need to look around for it. If you want to make an improvement , make someone elses gun and fiddle around with it lots. In the end you should have made some good mods. TIME IS IMPORTNAT : the more the better .

There are way to many guns on this site there fun to look at and everything but how about knex transformer or even something from a movie or show and see if you can make it out of knex.

never thought I'd see you in the K'NEX forum. Or Goodhart for that matter.... (but something tells me he has a secret passion for K'NEX....)


Eek! - I was looking at the all list.

(Are there any K'Nex requests on the Burning Questions list?)

no, witch surprised me for one reason, the burning questions were made from tracking the most searched for titles that we did not have, i would thing that at least one K'Nex thing would have been on the list if thats how they were decided. anyway, why do you not like KNex?

Oh, K'Nex is fine. My boys have some (though they prefer Lego).

What's a pain is the constant stream of K'Nex weapons. Semi-auto this, block trigger that, when, at core, they are all just glorified sling-shots.

If K'Nexers want to impress others, and show they've grown past the cool-it's-a-gun-bang-you're-dead stage, and into truly challenging projects, like the roller-coasters and can-dispensers. Things that do things.

So, maybe Darth should have a go at entering one of the current contests:

  • Make a K'Nex bicycle.
  • A K'Nex daffodil.
  • A K'Nex robot.
  • Make K'Nex components from recycled materials.

See what I mean?

i am working on the K'Nex bike. It's cool, i am working on the chain, as it falls off some times, but you can peddle the bike and it moves(though this version is flimsily). thanks so much for the idea!

legos are ok, i like K'Nex but thats just me. yea, i hate all the K'Nex weapons that get posted to, as 99% of them are just single shot block trigger pistols. i have made a roller-coaster. most of the really good guns are challenging projects(you should see projects like the "red impact" or some of the better machine guns) but i have to agree that most of the K'Nexers are just little 10-year-olds, but some are smart people. yea i see what you mean with making those things for the contest. a K'Nex bicycle is a idea, but it would be hard to make with out lots and lots of pieces(witch i have). a K'Nex daffodil would just be to easy, but not a bad idea, i dout that anyone that made that would win but thats ok. a robot, now theres a idea... wait i already made and posted one(but that was a bad one, maybe i will make a different one). that is a great idea, as it would be easy to do(my dad has things i could use to do that) and it would be a good entrant and i would get some more pieces out of it.

this isnt only for knex lol i just thought that only knex people would look at my forum

How bout u come up with a new machine gun mech( hey u wanted i deas)

FYI: we had an old air conditioner that removed the water the condensed out of the air, using a "sling blade".

And here, I may settle for a 12hp and take the governor back to 4000rpm to give some more go...

yeah they run around 3500rpm most of the time... higher quality ones run at 2000 and live forever...

Yeah after 11 year of service the 12hp would be getting an overhaul, not that it's running badly, just seems appropriate, I'll probably clean the carbeurettor, sort the piston and leave the ignition alone, it's not worth messing with in them, it's one of those if it aint broke don't break it things...

I meant the actual spark system... But I like the rope system, means you can't drive it drunk...

i don't have to worry about bieng drunk,as for i am only 14,and the rope system on mine was broke so i had to replace it

Yeah that does leave you pretty unworried... Also how in gods name do you break them, all you need to do is put more rope on....

Doom ray? So I don't have to post the workings of my idea... how about some kind of locomotion like a go kart or better yet a trike, or a bike with two wheel drive...

im working on a go-kart made out of a shoping cart and a lawn mower so far its been hard making it with no welding but i could hook up a metal sheet and bolt it on.....so it should be done soon. as for the doom ray that'll be a bit easier lol

I'd like to see this, we had a shopping trolley landboat at one point, It was a bit odd, a side shaft strimmer for hedges etc with a wheel added at the bottom so it was like an outboard motor for land, excellent fun but totally uncontrollable...

cool, I'm trying to get a 15hp for a go kart, want to make a fast, light one but that's not happening for a while

There are always new things to do (time machine, ways to do brain surgery on one's self, etc), or new ways to do old things (brushing teeth with a "true" sonic blast, etc).

the time machine is practically imposible robotics is possible for self surgery a sonic blast would kill you or cause u to go deaf

Depends on the volume and frequency. There is a tooth brush that claims to use sound to assist the brush. And a sonogram uses sound, as does sonar, without subsequent damage to the humans in the vicinity :-)